The cabins with their colour flashes fitted and fencing built, giving a much nicer look to the site

VolkerInfra Site Signage, Dunbar

Designed. Manufactured. Installed

VolkerInfra wanted to brighten the drab appearance of their site cabins at their compound in Dunbar, near Edinburgh. Their brief included strict brand guidelines on colour, logo placement and straplines. With this in mind we surveyed, designed, manufactured and installed a full spectrum of graphics, signage, internal artwork and dry-wipe maps.

The first part of the project was to refresh the external look of the site cabins. Following our initial survey, we recommended the site joiner build a fence to span the gaps in between each cabin, leaving space for us to install graphics beside each door. Sticking closely to the brand guidelines we designed a colour flash graphic, incorporating the VolkerInfra logo and strapline. Between this and the fence, the dull grey paint of the cabins was transformed in to a modern, on-brand advertising tool to promote VolkerInfra's corporate image. As well as the colour flash on the front of the cabins, we also added a bright and breezy (literally!) image of offshore wind turbines to the 2 external canteen areas of the site. The wind turbine image was chosen due to the nature of the work carried out in the compound, which is to connect an offshore wind farm to the national grid.

Moving to the inside of the cabins, we noticed that a lot of the project engineers had printed maps of the project in pieces of paper and stuck them together on the walls. Our suggestion of wide-format printed maps, finished with dry-wipe laminate went down a treat, and after installing 11 initially, we returned with another 10 as they were so popular! This gave a much more usable product than bits of paper stuck to the wall, allowing engineers to make notes directly on the map with dry-wipe (whiteboard) pens. In the corridors, we produced 9 photograph signs, again with the VolkerInfra brand. By manufacturing these photos in rigid ACM sign panel, they can be taken down when this project is finished and re-installed on another site.]

We also delivered a number of other products to this project, including magnetic graphics for their site vehicles, directional signage to help visitors find the site, safety signage and Covid-19 protective screens. By working with Sneddon Signs as a single supplier for the full project, we were able to offer savings to VolkerInfra, both in the material costs, and in the installation costs. As well as cost savings, by delivering and installing many aspects of the project in a single visit, we were able to reduce our carbon footprint associated with travel and transport. We would like to take this opportunity to thank VolkerInfra for their custom, and look forward to a continuing partnership in the future.