Caring for your graphics

Your vehicle livery has been lovingly crafted and installed by an expert team of tradespeople. They've done their part, now it's up to you to keep it looking as good as the day you collected your vehicle. With egular care following the correct cleaning and washing procedures you can maintain the good looks of your livery for many years.

Hand washing is recommended and you should test any chemicals before use on a discreet area. If you would like to test any harsh chemical before use please get in touch to arrange a sample.


If using high pressure jets please follow these guidelines:

  • Max pressure - 1200 PSI / 80 bar
  • Max temp - 60 °C
  • 40° nozzle cone
  • No less than 45° from perpendicular
  • No closer than 60cm from surface

Vehicle graphics, including wraps, must not be polished using abrasive compounds (such as T-cut) as these can permanently damage the graphics. Some livery products are suitable for a wax, ceramic or other protective coating however not all are suitable for this. If this is something you intend to do, please get in touch for guidance beforehand.

Symbols demonstrating min safe distance for pressure washer from vehicle

You might see a sticker like this of these on your vehicle, it's a great reminder to keep your pressure lance at least 60cm (2') from the vehicle surface!

Had a bump?

Hopefully you never need to worry about accident repairs, but if the worst should happen then your graphics are easily replaced after your nominated bodyshop has completed the panel repairs. We regularly complete repairs and work with bodyshops to plan ahead, reducing downtime and sorting payment to allow you to add the cost of graphics to your claim (where applicable). To make arrangements for repairs to be carried out please ask your bodyshop to get in touch with our team and ensure they have the following information to hand:

  • Photos of the vehicle showing damaged areas
  • A note of all the body panels which will be repainted
  • The vehicle registration
  • Timeframe requested for graphics installation
An early Sneddon SIgns logo

One of our early logos

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